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Special Events in Guangzhou

Guangzhou International Food Festival
Foodies will enjoy attending the Guangzhou International Food Festival. The Guangzhou International Food Festival celebrates China's love of great food. It takes place near the Huanyu Mansion every summer.

The festival features over 300 chefs who offer amazing dishes from around the world. Many of these dishes celebrate the talents of chefs who use the area's local ingredients to perfection. Be sure to visit the food markets that are located near the festival to sample some of the area's most popular deserts.

China Tourism Art Joy Festival
Art lovers will enjoy attending the China Tourism Art Joy Festival. The China Tourism Art Joy Festival celebrates the works of Chinese folk artists who have contributed to China's artistic reputation. It takes place near the R & F Science Centre each fall.

Some of the festival's main highlights include traditional concerts and dances that showcase the highlights of the region's most popular folk artists. Other highlights include art displays and craft shows. Be sure to visit the festival in the evening to see some of the region's most vibrant folk dancers perform traditional Yingge dances.

Lotus Flower Festival
Be sure to attend the Lotus Flower Festival to enjoy the lotus flower's beauty in person. The Lotus Flower Festival celebrates the lotus flower's beauty and versatility. It is held in the Panyu District near the Panyu Shiqiao Bus Station.

Some of the festival's most popular attractions include cooking demonstrations and landscaping expos that celebrate the lotus flower's versatility. Other popular attractions include a beautiful lotus flower garden that is located near Gungzhou's largest buildings. Be sure to attend the landscaping expos to learn gardening techniques that can help you grow lotus flowers successfully.

Zengcheng Litchi Festival
Be sure to attend the Zengcheng Litchi Festival. The Zengcheng Litchi Festival offers patrons a chance to learn about the litchi's unique role in Chinese cooking. It takes place each summer near Shipai Village. It features cooking demonstrations, many food samples, and gardening expos that demonstrate the fruit's versatility. Be sure to try the litchi ice cream and custards that are offered during the festival to learn about how to use this unique fruit to create delicious Chinese deserts.

Guangzhou Spring Flower Fair
Finally, the Guangzhou Spring Flower Fair celebrates the region's horticulture. The Guangzhou Spring Flower Fair showcases the talents of the region's top horticulture experts. It takes place near the Hongxiannv Arts Centre. It features over 100 exhibits that showcase the regions' most popular plants, shrubs, and trees. Be sure to attend the festival's gardening demonstrations to learn techniques that can help you improve the look and feel of your garden.

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